Port 40's suite of products are built on a highly capable suite of second generation microservices, designed to monitor or ensure the reliability and functionality of mission critical systems in the Internet of Things. Our expertise in Automation Management architecture and software will enable you to speedily bring your vision of connected intelligence to realization. Both cloud and on-premise based solutions are constructed with equal ease. Contact us today to find out how our software platform can help you in the design, implementation, and execution of the Industrial Internet.

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Port 40 :: WS-Management for Industrial and Building Control Systems

The Port 40 line of products supports the WS-Management specification, enabling connected devices to participate in and be managed by existing personnel running IT software like Microsoft's Systems Center Operations Manager. Any product or environment that can consume web services will benefit from the easy access to live or historical SCADA information.

Data Center Integration

Port 40's AMS::Integration Device provides high-speed, high-efficiency, robust protocol translators for system integrators, as well as electrical and mechanical contractors. The software-only solution is second to none in the industry not only in capability, but in the ease with which configuration can be done and maintained. A single AMS::Integration Device replaces stacks and stacks of expensive hardware-based translators.


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Quick Replace

Port 40 announces driver support for the XPath query language for processing XML content from the web. Now you can import Weather data, RSS feeds, and other XML based content into your network via Port 40's Virtual BACnet Gateway.

WS-Management adopted as an ISO/IEC international standard.

Port 40 announces support for oBIX (Open Building Information Exchange) in its Automation Management Server®.


Port 40 announces custom driver support for the CyberSciences CyTime SER 3200. Perfect for BACnet integration, the Sequence of Events recorder provides millisecond timestamp resolution for electrical and mechanical equipment events.

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