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Port40, Inc.
317 Towry Drive
Norman, Oklahoma  73069
Tel. (405) 360-9100, 8:00am-5:00pm M-F, CST

Port 40's suite of products are built on a highly capable suite of second generation microservices, designed to monitor or ensure the reliability and functionality of mission critical systems in the Internet of Things. Our expertise in Automation Management architecture and software will enable you to speedily bring your vision of connected intelligence to realization. Both cloud and on-premise based solutions are constructed with equal ease. Contact us today to find out how our software platform can help you in the design, implementation, and execution of the Industrial Internet.

Our products are available to anyone with a need to access information from their automation systems at any level of the enterprise. The products provide access to SCADA information in a robust, reliable, and secure manner. It is built on modern software technology, using modern computer equipment that can be bought off-the-shelf and serviced by an organization's Control Systems staff or by an Independent Systems Integrator. The staff follow accepted industry practices for maintaining server hardware and software connected to public networks. Your own IT staff with fundamental and rigorous IT skills can assist in installation and maintenance as well.

Our software products offer a fantastic value to anyone who wants to know how their buildings are doing or how their automation equipment is performing. The Automation Management ServerĀ® is extensible by 3rd parties wishing to write custom drivers or user interfaces that take advantage of an open platform built on internet technologies like web services, XML, and JSON.

Our BACnet Integration Device is second to none in the industry in terms of capability and performance. One major manufacturer has already termed the throughput as "incredible." An integrator has termed the Integration Device's stability to be "outstanding." Installations continue to go "extremely smoothly." The same terms can be used to describe all of the Port40 software suite.

Port40 is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Oklahoma.


President and CEO - David Kempf

       David Kempf is an accomplished computer scientist who began applying his talents to the field of automation control more than ten years ago. His vision for the future of Automation Management has been a driving force in industry since then. He was the chief technologist and inventor for the highly successful software company Gridlogix, Inc. headquartered in Oklahoma City, and which was acquired by Johnson Controls in 2008.

"In my research and study of Computer Science, I have been intrigued by the concept of the internetworking and management of autonomous systems. I've got what I believe are some fantastic ideas for the continued evolution of such systems, and the Port40 software suite represents one of the first steps in the realization of those ideas."


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